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Rien ne l’arrete ce paper guy! Même sans couleurs, le jeu est magnifique et la mécanique très agréable!!! À essayer :)

Merci beaucoup! :)

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I love the game but it is very short

here is a link to my channel :

Thank you for playing and for the video! It was required by our school to be 10-15 min long, that's why it's so short ;) But we're glad you enjoyed it anyways!

This game is just TOO CUTE!

Cut everything and be free in this adorable, hand-drawn Indie Game!
You guys know how much I love this game! I can't wait to see what more awesome things this team comes up with! :D


Thanks again, always a pleasure to read your cheerful comments on our work :D

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On prend note des tes conseils, merci, et bon courage à toi ;)

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How awesome is this game. If you have young kids, let them play this. 



I had an awesome fun with the game! Wish it were longer :P

Kudos to you guys! Keep rocking!

I see TRUE potential in this game! Love it!

Thanks a lot, glad you had fun :)

Very nice game! It's a cool and a little game! I love these little games!! <3

Thanks for the love <3

Another lovely installment of paper guy! Loved how cute this was even though I can tell it has a dark side. 

Glad you liked it :D

will this be available for mac any time in the future?

Hi, yes it's on our to-do list :) We'll let you know when it's done!


Thank you for playing and for the video :D

REALLY LOVED THE GAME great work you guys i hope you guys like the gameplay of mine too hope i got everything in the game really loved i wanna play more of your games 

Yes it was quite fun to watch you play, thank you! :D

really enjoyed it,hope it gets more features in the future. :-)

Thank you! We'll let you know if we extend the game ;)

Gave it a go...


A great game to pass the time. the artwork is amazing. everything is wonderful. hopefully there is a part 2 and will have more interaction. Keep up the good work :)

Thank you so much! We'll let you know if something new comes up regarding our little game ;)


Excellent game, best I've played all week.


Thank you so much, it means a lot to us!

I love this! Very cute, has a dog 10/10

Ahah thanks !

It is a very wonderful game. It was a lot of fun. I was live in Japanese.


Thank you that's awesome! :D

A really beautiful game. We enjoyed it very much. It is so relaxing...

Loved the art style. 

Here is a short video we made while playing:

Keep up the good work!!!

Thank you so much, it means a lot to us! :)

I honestly had so much fun playing this game! I got a little deep philosophically into this game: Is it a metaphor about the human destruction of the forest?? Is it a metaphor of corporate capitalism and how we need to cut it away?? Am I over-thinking it all?! The answer is YES. Watch me play it! (I hope this will be a full game release because gosh darn this is one really fun family-friendly game!)


Making you feel good while playing was our main goal ; if the game also made you think, then it's even better! Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the video :D

Such a cute little game! Great job, you guys! Can't wait to see where you guys take it. 
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Thanks! Glad you had fun and thanks for making this video!

I downloaded how do i play?

Unpack it from the ZIP file and play it from there. 

I figred out how o play but i can't find teh data file

Did you manage to play? You're just supposed to launch the .exe file :)

Very cute. Wonderful visual design! 

Thanks, we hope you had fun playing :)

All the cut-happy fun of Metal Gear Rising, but family friendly! Bahahahaha

Ahah thanks a lot for playing and for making this video :D

Made a video


Thanks :)

It was a pleasure to play and happy your game has become so popular.

First of all the game looks stunning and I loved every minute of it! I feel like I missed one of the puzzles I wish I would have spent more time looking around now that I think about it. This game gives me little big planet vibes and I only say that because of the relaxing atmosphere. Looking forward to more!

We're glad you enjoyed the feel-good mood we tried so hard to convey :) Thank you for playing and for the video! Cheers!

This game is fun, simple, and I love the way the protagonist moves. Good quality game. :D

Thank youuu :)

I Made a speedrun on your game paper team! :D

Awesome, pretty neat time! :D

Thank you Paper guys! (:

Hands free latsplay:


Thanks again for the video, glad you're sharing it here, it's always awesome to watch you play! :D

This was such a very cool game!  I really enjoyed playing this :D 


Thank you so much, we enjoyed watching you play :D

It's great to see that you continued this project thank you for inviting me back to play more of your game. It was a blast great work!

The pleasure is all ours, thanks for your video and your interest!

It's Paper Guy! is a short, but very pleasant little romp through a paper world. The 2.5D paper style visuals were very well done, and are something I, personally, have always enjoyed seeing in games. The audio was enjoyable as well and added to the whole "family friendly" aspect of it. Of course, my favorite part was playing the role of Paper Guy, the God of Cutting Destruction as he went about his day, cutting the world down.

Good job, devs. This was fun.

Ahah thanks a lot! We're so glad you had a good time playing! Cheers :D

This game was super cute (๑♡3♡๑) made tons of dad jokes, n' many papers were cut!

Thanks, and sorry about all the French words ahah! We'll definitely add a way to change the language during the game and not only in the menu ;)

Played through on my channel, it's adorable and I could not stop cutting things.

Thank you so much :)

You guys really did a great job with this game! I absolutely loved all the things you've added. Its fun, visually appealing, and the mechanics work very well, especially when I can just destroy everything :D

Thank you, means a lot to us :)

So I had a blast playing, as I did the first game, it was vaguely short, but this time it really looks improved, I love the interactions you have to the world, from the saving cats in a tree, to cutting signs and altering your reality, to being a first mate on a boat, I love this game, its such a refresher from some the indies I have played, always thought that, thank you guys for reaching out to me, and telling me the expansion you done, it was really REALLY well done, and cant wait, for you guys to continue, in the near future? I'd like that :D keep up the hard work! you are killing it guys!

Thank you, we're glad you enjoyed all the small interactions and thanks for the support :D

The game is sooo cute!

Wonderful  job everyone! ^^

Thanks :)

Loved it. Well done everyone. Great little story/adventure with some nice surprises.

It's Paper Guy played by wobblyfootgamer

Thank you so much, it was really cool to see you play and enjoy it! :D

C'était vraiment bien, j'y ai joué avec un grand sourire idiot

Ahah merci, ça doit vouloir dire qu'on a rempli notre objectif de faire un feel-good game ? :)

Exactement, du beau travail !

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Merci :)

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