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Feel-good game for children of all ages, It’s Paper Guy! invites you to explore a world entirely made of paper, full of life and cuteness, and to cut it as you please!

Discover the cute hand-drawn aesthetic of Paper Guy's lively world, solve simple puzzles, and enjoy the innocent pleasure of cutting paper!


  • Move with WASD/ZQSD or arrow keys.
  • Click and drag your mouse to draw a line on the screen and release to cut.
  • Language selection : cut the flags in the menu (available languages : English, French).
  • (If needed, Press R to restart)

Development context

It's Paper Guy! is the final project for our 1st year of Master's Degree at Cnam-Enjmin (a french video game university).
The objectives set by our university was to create a 10 to 15 minutes interactive experience in about 3 months.
The dev was made for the PC platform as it allows us to focus on optimizing It's Paper Guy! and its mechanics the best way we can in such a short period.
We haven't made any decision yet about whether taking our project forward but who knows?

More about the game

  • Solo puzzle-adventure game in 2.5D, set in a universe fully made of paper.
  • Players control Paper Guy, a 2D character in a 3D world.
  • Cutting mechanic : main interaction with the game world. Draw a line anywhere on the screen, game elements along the line are cut.
  • The game follows the cute adventures of Paper Guy through a series of 5-7 playlets.
  • Simple puzzles : blocking situations requiring to combine movement and cutting mechanics to find a way to go through.
  • Optional interactions : not story-related, bring diversity to the experience, engage players by allowing them to play around with most of the game world.
  • We consider It's Paper Guy! to be a feel-good game connecting and providing fun to both kids and the ones who remained a child at heart.


Thomas Giro - Programmer TwitterItch.io

Malo Dalmier - Game Designer : Twitter - Itch.io
Jonas Dutouquet - Game DesignerLinkedInTwitterPortfolio

Jeanne Prigent - 2D Artist :  LinkedIn - TwitterTumblr

Marc Enciso - Sound DesignerLinkedInBandCamp

Mathieu Renard - Project Manager LinkedIn

Very special thanks to Yvan Giro (Twitter) for his invaluable participation in the initial concept and character design!

Follow us on Twitter @ItsPaperGuy and on Facebook!


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It's Paper Guy! (Windows) 140 MB
It's Paper Guy! (macOS) 150 MB

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Bravo !

it was very satisfying! i love this  game!

This was the best game i ever played on itch.io. i wish for more updates.


i had so much fun playing this please make a longer one its a must haha 

It's really him! Woah!!!


Played this as part of a 3 random games, was fun but also relaxing, nice work!

This is such a great concept for a game! I think it would be interesting to have consequences for the things we cut since a lot of  what we cut in game is both good and bad, Great job Devs!

me encanta

Cheers guys, I enjoyed it but sadly could not prevent myself from turning it all into something a bit more barren hehheh :p

Super cute! Really like the idea!

This game was so cute and fun. Keep up the great work!

One of the most adorable and unique games I've ever played! Props to you guys! Good job! ✨ ✨

I was in the mood to play a cute , feel good game and this game was perfect ! Wish it was longer !!

i like that cat they're silly


send nudes


It's fr cutest short game EVER


Found this by just doing the random game feature and I love it! Can't believe I didn't know about it sooner! Great job.

Check out my game play if you'd like:

loved this! its such a cute game and i love that you added a wlw couple that has a child that admires her pirate mom<3 

I'm telling you there's something therapeutic about this simplistic gem! Downloaded it on a whim and found out this game is a complete W! I don't think i need to say more the awards speak for themselves! 👍

WOW I loved this game!!It is so creative and relaxing. Never played a game quite like this. Well a game made of paper lol.. I had a lot of fun with it and loved every second. I didn't want it to end.. Great job developers!! Highly recommend!

Here is my video if you're interested in watching. Thanks in advance!

I may (or may not) have gotten slightly lost in the sauce.

Its an enjoyable game, well done!

I loved this game so much! Thank you guys for making it.

This game was unbelievable! I enjoyed it a lot! Great job!

im noticing a lack of options for stuff like low end computers, could this be implemented?

I was so pleasing to play this game after the first game was so stressful. I give it happy shaky hands.

This game is spooky. It DEFINITELY is, trust me..

The game was really lovely! Loved the animations and the level design, and the simplicity of the paper drawings really made it so much more! Great job on it and good luck for futureprojects!




AAHHHHHHHHH idk why but i always feel sad when i wanna ignore the dog so i just..............always take it w/0 me :(

Very cute game! Enjoyed it a lot! Short but sweet!

I absolutely loved this game the paper art was was really charming. I hope there will be a continuation of the game.

This game is so wholesome and fun! I love how unique the concept and mechanics are!!

game is very cool but when i tried open it on my itch desktop app i can't open the itch app on computer

Neat game, loved it and I wish it went on for longer. I also loved the wacky physics and music. I even did a video on YouTube for it aswell.

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