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Feel-good game for children of all ages, It’s Paper Guy! invites you to explore a world entirely made of paper, full of life and cuteness, and to cut it as you please!

Discover the cute hand-drawn aesthetic of Paper Guy's lively world, solve simple puzzles, and enjoy the innocent pleasure of cutting paper!


  • Move with WASD/ZQSD or arrow keys.
  • Click and drag your mouse to draw a line on the screen and release to cut.
  • Language selection : cut the flags in the menu (available languages : English, French).
  • (If needed, Press R to restart)

Development context

It's Paper Guy! is the final project for our 1st year of Master's Degree at Cnam-Enjmin (a french video game university).
The objectives set by our university was to create a 10 to 15 minutes interactive experience in about 3 months.
The dev was made for the PC platform as it allows us to focus on optimizing It's Paper Guy! and its mechanics the best way we can in such a short period.
We haven't made any decision yet about whether taking our project forward but who knows?

More about the game

  • Solo puzzle-adventure game in 2.5D, set in a universe fully made of paper.
  • Players control Paper Guy, a 2D character in a 3D world.
  • Cutting mechanic : main interaction with the game world. Draw a line anywhere on the screen, game elements along the line are cut.
  • The game follows the cute adventures of Paper Guy through a series of 5-7 playlets.
  • Simple puzzles : blocking situations requiring to combine movement and cutting mechanics to find a way to go through.
  • Optional interactions : not story-related, bring diversity to the experience, engage players by allowing them to play around with most of the game world.
  • We consider It's Paper Guy! to be a feel-good game connecting and providing fun to both kids and the ones who remained a child at heart.


Thomas Giro - Programmer TwitterItch.io

Malo Dalmier - Game Designer : Twitter - Itch.io
Jonas Dutouquet - Game DesignerLinkedInTwitterPortfolio

Jeanne Prigent - 2D Artist :  LinkedIn - TwitterTumblr

Marc Enciso - Sound DesignerLinkedInBandCamp

Mathieu Renard - Project Manager LinkedIn

Very special thanks to Yvan Giro (Twitter) for his invaluable participation in the initial concept and character design!

Follow us on Twitter @ItsPaperGuy and on Facebook!


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It's Paper Guy! (Windows) 140 MB
It's Paper Guy! (macOS) 150 MB

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game is very cool but when i tried open it on my itch desktop app i can't open the itch app on computer

Neat game, loved it and I wish it went on for longer. I also loved the wacky physics and music. I even did a video on YouTube for it aswell.

great game

-Made a Video. (Old Video)

-The Game: 00:10 (The 1st Game)

sweet game :)

This is such a cute game!


such an adorable game :) and SUCH a mood booster <3


What a very clever and cute game!  I loved Paper Mario on the Nintendo 64 and Super Paper Mario on the Game Cube. This game reminds me of it only without the puzzles being too difficult to figure out.  I loved how surprising it was to walk back towards the back of the world and find more things hidden behind foreground trees and such. 

When I was a kid, I used to draw things on paper and cardboard, then cut them out and make stick or finger puppets of the characters, items (like space ships, robots, monsters etc.)  and back grounds for them to act in front of, then make up little stories about them., so this game brings back memories too.  

This game has real potential to have more added to it for a full fledged game that would probably sell very well.   It was short, but I enjoyed every second of it and find myself ready for more. 

Finally getting to play this! Really enjoyed it! Cute and casual that is simple yet lends much to the imagination in a way that keeps you wanting more! 

Remind me to never become a hairdresser...

Awesome game all!!!

This game is just amazing! well done! 


perfect made with love



Have you ever wondered how to relieve stress? Chopping down windmills!

This game is amazing. I wish it would have more gameplay, so I could explore more of the paper world. It was cool to use the cutting power to cut hair and the garden hedges while battling the squid or octopus monster on the boat ride. 10/10! 

I concur. Speaking of the squid monster, after the game being so very light-hearted, it was a bit of a surprise to have to fight one at the end. I enjoyed it though and was ready to take on the next challenge.  


This game was really pretty and cute. I enjoyed the game.


We had so much fun playing your cute game!  We had some difficulties but it was my brain problem not the game.  LOL  Thanks for making such a fun game that everyone can play. 

This is such a nice idea. I haven't even managed to explore the whole game yet, it's so charming! I'd love to get my niece interested in games as she gets older and this will be a great one to be her first!

Loved this. If you do decide to do more with this I know I will play it.

such a feel good game :)

this is such a cute game!

By far one of the most unique and innovative games I've played. I actually had the privelage to play the demo when it first came out and was thrilled when I discovered you now had a longer version that I could make a proper video on! Looking forward to what the future holds for you guys! Keep up the great work! 

32 bit pleaseeeee

This was the cutest game! By far one of my favorites that I've played from this site, if not my absolute favorite. The hand-drawn style was really cute, and I loved the aesthetic of cutting paper. I would love to see more added to this game with progressively harder puzzles to solve, but I think it's great even as a standalone like this! Thank you for sharing this masterpiece with the world.

I really enjoyed this game. Of course I wish there was more to it, but I understand the scope and purpose of the project. However, I hope one day you take the ideas from this game and apply them to some amazing games in the future. Thank you.

I had an absolute blast playing this! It was so cute and expertly made! I can't sing it's praises enough! The drawings, the imagination behind it, I just love it all! 

This was such a fun game to play. Well done! I'm glad I found this one. 

If you enjoyed this video then be sure to SUBSCRIBE here for daily videos!

Cute! A little linear, and felt like much of what I did didn't mean much, but the aesthetic was nice, and cutscenes are always a bonus!

Superb game. Unlike any other type of game out there. Fantastic drawings along with gameplay and great sounds. So much fun to just keep on moving along and cutting away. Awesome job guys. Loved it... :)

I was looking forward to this game for awhile! Glad you made it a full game!

(1 edit)

This game is so cute! Love it! It's the most relaxing game I've played so far this year too ^__^ And I like how optimized this game is (played this on a laptop), everything was smooth and the music gets me in the mood to explore its world :)

Super cute, and fun game.  It is a little short, but the characters and the art style are a ton of fun.  The cutting mechanic is really simple, but it works nicely in this game.  I really enjoyed this game.  

Un très bon jeu, très mignon et avec un principe amusant et original, bravo ! =D

This game is awesome! I mean amazeing!!

P.S. How do I move? Just kidding!!

Absolutely adorable. The visuals were pleasant and it was very satisfying to cut the paper. I was smiling all the way through! <3

Well, this was one of the most adorable games that I've ever played. I can honestly say I was expecting a meta-horror game out of this one (and it would've been super easy to make into one) but I was pleasantly proven wrong! The music was perfect and had me smiling the entire playthrough. The voices, story, dialogue and characters were loveable and charming. I absolutely loved the paper visuals and everything ran so smooth. This was a very well optimized, short and adorable experience that I think everyone should take a moment to enjoy. I highly recommend this as a great game to let off a little bit of stress and relax. Thanks so much for making this!

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