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I want more :DDDDDDD


I want more? I mean I want another episode or something.



why isn't it claimable?

This was a fantastic game! I loved the 2D animation across a 3D world! Wonderful concept as well! 

Loved the game, 2 thumbs up & hope for the full product soon! 

Paper guy is evil man... (RATED R) NOT FOR KIDS 

I know you guys have already found my video before I remembered to post here, but just wanted to leave a little review. It's a super cute game! Everything is superb and the main game mechanic is really creative! Really enjoyed the game and I'm glad you enjoyed the video! 

really like the game has some great art and game  mechanics cant wait for the full version!! 

This was one of the best short games we've had the pleasure of playing on our channel. It was refreshing, original and such a treat on the eyes. You've created an excellent piece of art here and we look forward to whats next.

This was an excellent short experience! The dynamic destruction was used very effectively. Not only was it pretty satisfying to chop away at things, but it meshed with the world and puzzles quite well. It wasn't hard, but it was still cool to see the results of some sneaky cuts solving each scenario.

I have to say though, this Paper Guy seems like a real menace to society. Going around chopping up people's homes and ruining half the island. It seems like the town's whole plan was to get him on that boat so he stopped destroying everything.

Anyways, I really enjoyed this one so I made a video of my time with it. Great work guys, good luck on your future projects!

Oh man this was so fun!! everything about this game was amazing! the only thing that i wish there was, is more of this!! :D really awesome work on making this! :)

THE WORLD OF PAPER! | It's Paper Guy!

Rien ne l’arrete ce paper guy! Même sans couleurs, le jeu est magnifique et la mécanique très agréable!!! À essayer :)

Merci beaucoup! :)

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I love the game but it is very short

here is a link to my channel :

Thank you for playing and for the video! It was required by our school to be 10-15 min long, that's why it's so short ;) But we're glad you enjoyed it anyways!

This game is just TOO CUTE!

Cut everything and be free in this adorable, hand-drawn Indie Game!
You guys know how much I love this game! I can't wait to see what more awesome things this team comes up with! :D


Thanks again, always a pleasure to read your cheerful comments on our work :D

Félicitation sur le projet. Je crois que je vais m'inspirer de votre détermination et faire mon propre jeu. Même si je suis seul et seulement au secondaire (9e année/première année du secondaire) je suis positivement sûr de vous surpasser  >:) rappeler vous de moi et je vous vois sur le marché indie dans quelques années!

Assi j'aime la façon dont vous utilisez le procedural mesh generation et la node slice mais juste une petite suggestion ; pour la partie dans le village ou nous obtenons l'occasion de coiffer les clients du barbier, peut être devriez vous séparer les cheveux en de plus petites sections comme ça nous pourrions faire des coupes plus précises sans que la node slice ne coupe tout le sprite jusqu'au bout. ça ne devrait pas générer trop de lag suplémentaire. Ce n'ai qu'une suggestion. Ne le prenez pas personnel.

On prend note des tes conseils, merci, et bon courage à toi ;)

Oh je me suis pas reco depuis je m'attendait pas a une reponse o-0. Aussi serai mon assomption correcte si j'assumerai que vous utiliser UE4 pour vos conceptions? Je connais comment crer cet effet de coupe, de la ou venais ma reference a la node slice de ue4. Voila pourquoi j'assume ma theorie

How awesome is this game. If you have young kids, let them play this. 



I had an awesome fun with the game! Wish it were longer :P

Kudos to you guys! Keep rocking!

I see TRUE potential in this game! Love it!

Thanks a lot, glad you had fun :)

Very nice game! It's a cool and a little game! I love these little games!! <3

Thanks for the love <3

Another lovely installment of paper guy! Loved how cute this was even though I can tell it has a dark side. 

Glad you liked it :D

will this be available for mac any time in the future?

Hi, yes it's on our to-do list :) We'll let you know when it's done!


Thank you for playing and for the video :D

REALLY LOVED THE GAME great work you guys i hope you guys like the gameplay of mine too hope i got everything in the game really loved i wanna play more of your games 

Yes it was quite fun to watch you play, thank you! :D

really enjoyed it,hope it gets more features in the future. :-)

Thank you! We'll let you know if we extend the game ;)

Gave it a go...


A great game to pass the time. the artwork is amazing. everything is wonderful. hopefully there is a part 2 and will have more interaction. Keep up the good work :)

Thank you so much! We'll let you know if something new comes up regarding our little game ;)


Excellent game, best I've played all week.


Thank you so much, it means a lot to us!

I love this! Very cute, has a dog 10/10

Ahah thanks !

It is a very wonderful game. It was a lot of fun. I was live in Japanese.


Thank you that's awesome! :D

A really beautiful game. We enjoyed it very much. It is so relaxing...

Loved the art style. 

Here is a short video we made while playing:

Keep up the good work!!!

Thank you so much, it means a lot to us! :)

I honestly had so much fun playing this game! I got a little deep philosophically into this game: Is it a metaphor about the human destruction of the forest?? Is it a metaphor of corporate capitalism and how we need to cut it away?? Am I over-thinking it all?! The answer is YES. Watch me play it! (I hope this will be a full game release because gosh darn this is one really fun family-friendly game!)


Making you feel good while playing was our main goal ; if the game also made you think, then it's even better! Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the video :D

Such a cute little game! Great job, you guys! Can't wait to see where you guys take it. 
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Thanks! Glad you had fun and thanks for making this video!

I downloaded how do i play?

Unpack it from the ZIP file and play it from there. 

I figred out how o play but i can't find teh data file

Did you manage to play? You're just supposed to launch the .exe file :)

Very cute. Wonderful visual design! 

Thanks, we hope you had fun playing :)

All the cut-happy fun of Metal Gear Rising, but family friendly! Bahahahaha

Ahah thanks a lot for playing and for making this video :D

Made a video


Thanks :)

It was a pleasure to play and happy your game has become so popular.

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